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Professional Development in emerging economies

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I have been studying emerging economies, especially in terms of professional education and certification, where we are able to identify labor force with the lack of minimum required preparation. This type of professional is spread out in such markets and competing with other professionals who follow through formal education. How to get better conditions in this area in order for these emerging economies to grow, without maximizing this contrast?

Particularly in India, when looking for professional benefits in this development area, people have two options. On one hand, NSDC, a government institution where people invest their time and funding for personal knowledge based on certification, through sponsorship paid back with low interests and, on the other hand, a private institution called Aspiring Minds which provides recruiting and training services using scientific and credible approaches for measuring talent, then matching skillsets with educational or workforce opportunities.

Considering the options and, up to this point, I do not guess that it is a problem, yet, a form of increasing professionals and their skills. I think that both methods are fine, because if a professional has a valid certification from a trustworthy institution which assesses with integrity, such as Pearson, in the information field and Prometric, in the field of Technology, it results in attesting knowledge that might be further developed into efficiency by interested companies on such profiled professionals.

In Brazil, there has been a recent storm on private education institutions, which offer low cost higher education at doubtful quality standards. The focus, then, is low-income students who get sponsorship from government to pay for their courses. In the end, this becomes a factory for making money.

Thinking about emerging economies, both situations might hold back the advancement when their demand is high. Labor force is needed in order to make the market function. And this may limit the growth of the economy, when the focus is only a certification. It is necessary, then, to format people´s culture beyond new mindsets, with many options, with or without certification, as long as efficient, or better saying, proficient.

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