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My Worst Investment Ever
sexta-feira / jun 11, 2021 /

Find partners with different skills, but with the same desire to achieve success

LoFrano / Blog, Empreendedorismo / 0 Comments

Tweet The Last week I was invited by Mr. Andrew Stotz to participate on an interview where we talked about circumstances over “My worst investment ever”. It is not funny or a drama, it is about making mistakes, living and learning. What do i mean? Certainly, our past teaches a lot of things that we…

quinta-feira / dez 21, 2017 /

Entrepreneur People break Paradigms

LoFrano / Blog, Empreendedorismo / 1 Comment

Tweet When something needs to change or better, it is necessary action by individuals that make the difference in the world. The entrepreneurship brings people that break paradigms. Entrepreneurs make the environment become an ecosystem of communities, where people act on development of solutions that create possibilities and new businesses. The every daylife makes the…