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Find partners with different skills, but with the same desire to achieve success

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The Last week I was invited by Mr. Andrew Stotz to participate on an interview where we talked about circumstances over “My worst investment ever”.

It is not funny or a drama, it is about making mistakes, living and learning. What do i mean?

Certainly, our past teaches a lot of things that we do not feel, it will probably impact us the rest of our lives, sometimes hard, sometimes funny, it does not matter, the important is what you have learned.

On the interview, I talked about my life like how my first business partner was when I was 22 years old. It is not a story about success or failure, it is about what goes around and comes around in entrepreneurship.

When I started my first business, I brought in my friend 24 years old to be my business partner, he was starting a married life and becoming a father. About me, I was living the college moment, a lot of awaken nights, different relationships and many targets to reach.

The partnership was not good for our business, after 4 years together we broke up our deal.

It certainly was not a good time, but why not?

You should be thinking about age and circumstances, correct? But it is not a problem.

I learned that every new relationship, I mean, business and others, it is like a project, we need to prepare for it!

What is my role in this project? How can I help and act?

I would like to share…

Always have a big discussion and preparation before a new business, it is better than change the wheel when the car is riding.

I appreciated to talk to Mr. Andrew Stotz, our discussion was an insightful moment when we brought ideas and events that can help our listeners, probably many of them already have been in similar situation.

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