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How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are shaping the future

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Virtual Reality allows users to experience a different world giving an unmatched amount of freedom for creators. Augmented Reality allows users to view and interact with virtual objects in the real world. Rarely do we come across technologies like VR and AR which can impact almost all domains. We’ve listed down some of the major applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality across domains.

With a combination of VR gear, great VR applications and VR educational games, education can become an immersive and fun experience

VR/AR in Education

What’s better than learning through contact and interaction with objects, animals and environment? Using AR/VR, virtual objects can be brought directly into the classroom and virtual tours to places can be organized. These immersive experiences engage students actively and enthusiastically in the transformative learning process. The ability to truly experience something as if it were real, be it a historic setting or the inner organs of our bodies or laboratories, makes AR/VR an unparalleled technology for the education sector.

With a combination of VR gear, great VR applications and VR educational games, education can become an immersive and fun experience

VR/AR in Healthcare

AR/VR technology can be used to train, diagnose and treat in innumerable situations. It has applications in diverse medical disciplines including psychiatry, rehabilitation and home fitness. AR/VR is a cost-effective, safe and engaging method for clinical education and training of healthcare professionals, such as nurses, physicians, surgeons, counselors, dentists, paramedics and even patients. AR/VR has the potential to change the way healthcare is delivered.

Healthcare efficiency can be enhanced manifold if ideas such as trainings through AR and VR are implemented

VR/AR in Design and Architecture

AR/VR technology enables designers to create more convincing designs by completely immersing in them. Designers can bring a virtual world to life with the help of this technology which allows clients to tour a design virtually. This type of visual reality is better than traditional drawings. It gives you the ability to digitally explore a building, space, bike, or car in life-size before you buy them. AR/VR fills the void between 2D, 3D, and the reality.

VR 3D and AR can make the design come alive.

VR/AR in Gaming and eSports

Gaming is all about fun and entertainment. Online gaming and multiplayer games have been the tradition for a long time. Nothing could be more exciting than the idea of being literally transported inside the game – battling zombies, aliens, and spies, exploring amazing places beyond imagination. With this kind of technology, best gaming experiences can be provided. With latest innovations in Virtual and Augmented reality, gamers can be transported into a materialized reality. Gamers can walk, run, touch and live the adventure and be transported beyond the couch. With the advent of new vSports (eSports in Virtual Reality) like iB Cricket, it may not be long before Virtual Reality sports become fully professional sports.

AR and VR can help usher sports into a new era of VR gaming and virtual sports while creating enhaced viewing experiences for the fans.

VR/AR in Entertainment

With AR/VR, you can witness live matches, movies and relive memories and epic historic moments in new and innovative ways. You can explore exotic places right from your room. This technology becomes a perfect tool to create a lifetime experience for the user. Anything you imagine, can be brought to life. With AR/VR, you can always get the best seat in the house.

With AR and VR, the possibilities in entertainment and media are limitless

VR/AR in Fashion

From personalised virtual fitting to VR catwalks at fashion weeks, AR/VR is quickly establishing its place in all sectors of the fashion industry. Imagine having 3D avatars of yourself in VR, which can provide an unparalleled shopping experience. With this VR 3D Avatar, you can try on several styles and get a perfect pick of clothes. This wave of VR revolution will transform the shopping experience and shape the future for best interactive experiences.

Shopping and fashion as we know it can get reinvented through Augmented reality and virtual reality experiences

VR/AR in Military

One of the coolest application of this VR technology is it’s revolutionary usage in military. Military trainings are some of the costliest and riskiest trainings in the world. AR/VR can provide real life simulations for combat, flight training, naval training, shooting, medical training, etc. for an individual and a group. It is reusable, requires lesser time for development and needs lower investment. Moreover, AR/VR systems can track, analyse, identify user’s core competencies and provide feedback for further improvement. From snipers to tank drivers, AR/VR is changing the way how soldiers can be trained.

The military forces can start functioning with greater safety and enhanced skill by using VR simulations and augmented reality trainings

VR/AR in Sports

Technology has always enhanced sports experience. It helped players to analyse themselves and their opponents to become better. Virtual Reality is adding another dimension to the analysis. AR/VR is revolutionizing the way coaches conduct practice sessions and train their players. This technology is tremendously useful to sports teams, who can use it to replay and analyze the game from different perspectives.

VR making sports experience more immersive and engaging than real world
The applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality we’ve seen till date are only a tip of the iceberg. With tech giants already investing heavily in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, it might not be long before every major company has a division for Augmented and Virtual Reality. The possibilities are infinite and the only restriction is your imagination.

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